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The adjustment of the tension of all of your pianos 220 (or more) strings to correct the pitch or frequency. so that each note sounds in harmony. Pianos are tuned to standard pitch which is A440.

Pianos that are 10 to 15 % flat or sharp might require the extra time of a pitch adjustment before a fine tuning can be achieved.

Repairs & Cleaning

Some pianos are fairly clean and might need only a light cleaning of the soundboard and action.

Some pianos require a more in-depth cleaning under the keys and inside the piano.  You can discuss with Judy how in-depth you want the cleaning. The fee is charged hourly and the job can take 1-4 hours. Other services such as cleaning the action, sound board and interior, or repairs of worn out or broken parts are available.


Every piano has its own unique sound. One might be described as “glassy”, another as “warm”. One might have a “full singing” tone, and yet another sounds “thin”. Although the original design established the basic character of your piano’s tone, your technician can modify it to better suit your tatste or restore its original tone if it has deteriorated with age.


Mechanical adjustments to compensate for the effects of wear, the compacting and settling of cloth, felt and buckskin, as well as dimensional changes in wood and wool parts due to changes in humidity.

Regulation allows the action to play more efficiently

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Judy Kazanjian is a Registered Piano Technician of the Piano Technicians Guild.

Serving Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties

Buying or Selling a Piano?

Judy is available for new and used piano evaluations. If you are looking to buy or sell a piano you should always have it inspected by a qualified technician.
I had no idea that piano could ever sound like that - it is gorgeous. You are a miracle worker. Thank you so very, very, very much. You have given the piano and me a new life!
- J.T.

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